Gio. Preview The First Chapter Before The Audiobook Releases in June
May 8, 2019
Coming Soon: BECK
June 7, 2019

Young blood stirs many enemies…

Declan Briggs is a handsome, smart Irish-American hailing from Boston, but living in Cleveland, Ohio; and shouldering a checkered past. At sixteen, Declan Briggs was sent to Ireland to live with relatives to stay out of trouble. He was very active in an Irish gang in Boston. Once in Ireland, he learned his distant relatives are deeply rooted in Irish Paramilitary movements, and it doesn’t take long before Declan had gotten himself into some serious trouble. Declan returned to the States years later to live with his grandmother in Cleveland since Boston is still a hot territory for him.

In 2019, Declan has reformed himself and has a successful security firm with two of his friends (GDB Security). His current security detail took him to Tennessee to provide security for a country singer named Rhonda Glee. Once he arrived in Tennessee, it kicks off to a bad start when a couple of locals try to extort money from him. When Declan meets his new charge, it comes as a big surprise for him to learn Ms. Glee is not an A-list entertainer, but a novice on the run. She is also African American, which doesn’t help their situation. The dive bars that her manager booked her to perform in don’t take kindly to her and result in casualties.
Ms. Glee, a.k.a Randi Baudin is a thirty-one-year-old beauty from a small town in Texas. A musical prodigy who’d been married to a man twenty years her senior, Brent Miller, and divorced him eight years later. Brent wants her back at any cost, but Randi doesn’t want any part of him or his abusive methods. Her manager hired GDB Security to offer their services when increasingly threatening letters arrive while traveling on the road.

Declan soon realizes that the letters are from Brent Miller, who won’t take a hint. Brent’s objective is to destroy what Randi has worked all her life for; there is no tolerance for defiance. Declan enlists the help of his partners Davonte, Gio, and Bennett to help keep Randi safe and sound as this was a job too big for him to handle alone. He becomes a target when Brent learns Randi and Declan have grown intimate as they spend more time together – and eventually give in to their lust and sleep together.
There are hurdles still to overcome from all angles. Declan has not revealed his past to Randi, afraid she’d run once the truth he’s kept a secret for so many years is out in the open. Randi must deal with her parents rejecting another relationship; cautioning her that she may be jumping something serious far too soon. They wish her to settle down with a job and be successful like her sisters. Randi doesn’t want to fit anyone’s mold, she wants to be free to live – and love – freely, without any restrictions. If either of them hit the wrong note – the entire melody is spoiled.

The past is a cruel master; it’ll rule you – or kill you.


  1. Jodi says:

    I loved the GDB series will Davonte and Monica have a story

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