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November 17, 2017
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There are a lot of jobs and careers that require specific training. Cooking for me is a passion and extending that love by attending a formal culinary institution is great for those who wish to pursue that avenue. I do not have a culinary degree, but I can cook. This blog will show my passion for good food and how I got my children and grandchildren involved.

From an early age, cooking was handled by the women. However, my father could throw down in the kitchen. We grew up a close-knit family, and my grandmother called the shots in her house. Bessie Hall did not play favorites with the grandkids. Everyone got in the kitchen and did something. It may be washing dishes or peeling potatoes; whatever the task assigned, do not let her hear any gripes. She was a little woman with a booming voice but also was a master cook and baker. She’d get that cast iron skillet and a few ingredients, and whip up a meal that knocked the socks off ya. Put a hand-mixer in front of her, and she’d make the most mouth-watering cakes and pies that had people at church bazaars or anniversary dinners fighting. I learned a lot of my skills from her. I’ve expanded my palate by cooking with others who share my taste for good food.

I remember as a kid, back in the day, playing outside was more fun than doing anything inside the house. Unlike kids today, chores and homework were done before playing or watching television. Video games and cell phones were not a part of my childhood. Hence, I’m giving away my age. Kids have it a little easier these days. Many parents are busy with work or attending after-school activities with other kids in the household. And, unlike my childhood, there are a lot of single-parent households where there is not enough time to do everything. Ordering fast food has become a way of life for families who have insane schedules. I’m not saying fast-food is terrible once in a while, but it can be expensive and drain already strained finances.

With this blog, I hope to be able to give parents and kids, a few tips on making those same fast-food items at home at half the cost. Plus it will get the kids involved and off the devices. They will learn where their food comes from, how to shop for items and prepare it. If they can make a simple grilled cheese sandwich, he or she will never have to worry about starving.

Stay tuned and hang in there with me as I put this blog together to help readers improve their cooking skills or just learn a new way to prepare simple meals.

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