The Man She Married

Singing The Blues: Coming to Audio In September
July 27, 2018
First Audio Chapter of The Man She Married
May 8, 2019

Love at first sight almost never happens in reality, but in the romance world, it’s an every occurrence. Brad and Harper are smitten with each. You could be too. 1-click to download or read for free with kindleunlimited today. Or click here:

Below is a synopsis.

I am the whole package. Ego and flair, with killer finesse. At the snap of my fingers, women fell at their feet for me.
Until the day my eyes lock on Harper.
She brightened the entire coffee shop, flatlining my heart and stirring my hunter’s blood. One thing is crystal clear – this spirited temptress who talks with her hands will be my future bride.

Rejection is not an option.

However, the skeletons in my closet are stirring; it’s only a matter of time before they pick the lock and break out in full vengeance. For better or worse, I will have to face my past dead in the eye.
Everyone’s got a dark side – and Harper has no choice but to love mine.

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