Who Likes Sandwiches?

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June 18, 2018
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I’m not a sandwich fanatic, but I like a good one now and then. When it is hot outside, sandwiches are perfect for dinner. The house isn’t heated, and leftover breakfast meat can be turned into a lunch sandwich too. I love a hearty BLT or sausage sandwich. Then there is the breakfast sandwich. Make them the night before and pop it in the nuker and skip the fast food joints on the way to work.

Then the store helps bring sandwiches into creation too. Rotisserie chickens are perfect for making many sandwiches. Sliced breast meat can be topped with a variety of vegetables, fresh herbs, and spreads.

I’m going to picture a few that I have made and my sister Tia Lawson had made.

Bacon and egg on a toasted croissant is one of my favorites. I’m not a coffee drinker so an ice cold Pepsi hits the spot for me. This delicacy was prepared by Tia.

Bacon, fried egg, diced potatoes on toast is a great pick me up too. Prepared by Tia.

Breakfast wrap with sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese and potatoes. Prepared by Tia.

Fried egg, and bacon on white toast. Prepared by me.

Bacon and egg on a homemade bagel. Bagel made by me the rest by Tia.

Burgers and Subs

Homemade burger. Topped with provolone, tomato, grilled onions, bib lettuce, mustard, ketchup and mayo. Prepared by Tia.

Why spend money at a sub shop. Italian sub with romaine lettuce, tomato, salami, capicola, pepperoni, sprinkled with Italian seasoning, mustard, mayo and hot banana peppers. Made by Tia.

Philly cheesesteak sliders. Bread is buttered and sprinkled with Italian seasoning. Made by Tia.

Italian sub. Homemade meatballs slathered with a spicy marina with melted provolone. Made by Toye.

Hot dogs, Grilled Cheese, Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Snappy kosher beef dog topped with relish, mustard and onions. The first bite is always the best.

Chunky chicken salad on homemade honey white bread. Made by Toye.

Rotisserie style chicken salad on a soft bun. I had mine topped with green onions, banana peppers and a sliced tomato is on the bottom. Chicken salad made by Tia.

Old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich. Buttered white bread, cheddar and colby jack cheese pressed in a nonstick skillet until golden brown. Made by Toye.

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